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Are you the marketing director for an education or plant-based company? Maybe you’re a plant-based doctor or nutritionist. Or you sell an edtech platform for school districts. No matter what type of business you run, a copywriter and content marketer focused on education and plant-based industries can make a difference. Below you’ll find answers to copywriting and content marketing questions I’m asked most often.

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1. What is your process like?

First, we’ll schedule a call so I can learn about your brand and how I can help with writing or editing. Then I’ll send over a proposal with pricing and project details. If that looks good to you, we’ll start on a test project. That way we can see if our working styles are similar.

If the test project goes well, I’ll send over a contract for the rest of the work. Once you sign the contract and pay the deposit, I’ll get started.

For copywriting and content writing projects, my first goal is to send you an outline to approve. This ensures I’m headed in the right direction. Once you approve the outline, I’ll move forward with the writing.

I’ll turn in the writing or editing project to you, and you’ll have a week to look it over. If you need edits, I’ll be happy to make them. One round of edits is included in all of my contracts.

2. How does payment work?

I ask for a 50% deposit to begin working. This guarantees your spot on my schedule and starts the clock on your project.

3. What is your turnaround time?

Most of the time, my turnaround time for completing a project or a project milestone is one week.

4. What if I need a project completed sooner?

If you need a project completed sooner, it’s usually not a problem, but it depends on my schedule. If I can fit it in, I do ask for a rush fee so that I can prioritize your project.

5. Why do I need SEO?

Search engine optimization helps your webpage, blog post, landing page, etc. show up on the first page of Google listings. If someone types in a phrase or question that relates to your topic, the goal is for Google to point that person to your site. Without SEO, you won’t get as many visitors and customers. That’s why as a copywriter, content writer, and copy editor, I always have SEO best practices in mind.

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