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Interested in learning more about what I do? My copywriting, content writing, and copy editing services: 

🌱 Create excitement about your plant-based or education product or service.

🌱 Speak uniquely to your readers, whether they are vegan, curious about a plant-based lifestyle, technology administrators, curriculum leaders, or teachers.

🌱 Motivate your audience and customers to act.

🌱 Establish you as a plant-based or education expert online.

🌱 Include SEO so that potential customers can easily find your brand.

I offer several copywriting, content writing, and copy editing packages that get you results. Check out the menu below to see what’s included in packages for content marketing, campaigns, social media, emails, SEO editing, and more.

Don’t see what you’re looking for, or not sure where to start? Tap below to ask me a question.

Content Marketing Package

✔️ 4 researched blog posts up to 1200 words

✔️ SEO short-tail and long-tail keywords, optimized title and headlines, meta descriptions, formatting for all readers

Campaign Package

✔️ Landing page copy up to 1000 words

✔️ 5 different social media ads that lead to the landing page

✔️ SEO keywords, optimized title and headline, formatting

Email Package

✔️ Copy for a sequence of 5 emails

✔️ Welcome sequence, re-engagement series, product emails, holiday sequence, or other types of emails

✔️ Strategy included (optional)

SEO Copy Editing Package

✔️ Blog posts, webpages, or other copy

✔️ Editing to strengthen SEO

✔️ SEO keywords, optimized title and headlines, formatting for all readers

À La Carte

✔️ Ebooks

✔️ Case studies

✔️ Webpage copy

✔️ Product descriptions

À La Carte

✔️ Product support articles

✔️ Video scripts

✔️ Infographic copy

✔️ Deep dive copy editing and proofreading

Prices vary—send me a message about your needs

Don’t need a package deal? Any service included in the packages can also be ordered individually. Reach out to me to find out more.

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